Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thoughts About The Official PS3 Keyboard

The other day as I was browsing through my local Game, I stumbled upon the official Playstation Keyboard. My first thought when seeing this was. "Why wasn't this available at launch?" And before you jump in and say "Paul, that's been out for awhile and it's a piece of shit" I'm not talking about this keyboard, I'm referring to this one:

First off I didn't even know that this was out, after a few searches Google, I found nothing. So I decided to search the one place for Playstation news, The Playstation 3Page at IGN (BEYOND!!!) but still nothing.
So anyway, here's my thoughts about it.
It's a wonderfully small keyboard, that's about 2/3 the size of my Alienware keyboard, but all the buttons are nice and big and feel good when press, not cheap like a Hori keyboard. The keyboard connects to your PS3 via blu-tooth so at least you are not loosing a USB port.
The keyboard uses a "Fn" button next to the "crtl" one like a laptop to access the Playstation controller buttons as you can see from the picture below:
In the middle of the keyboard is your mouse stick for navigating through web pages. It's nothing special, does the job well and that's about it.
My only issue with the keyboard is when you are switching it off. You hold down the PS button as you would do on the controller, but the up, down, left or right buttons don't work. You have to press and hold the "Fn" button to navigate this menu. Makes no sense to me why you have to do this, and it seems like it was put their purely for awkwardness.
I do wonder though, now that Valve have said that the next Counter Strike is on PS3, and I assume will use Steam like Portal 2 did, can we use the keyboard to play Counter Strike? In fact if Sony released a Playstation mouse or even let you use any USB/wireless mouse with the PS3, then what's to stop developers patching in keyboard and mouse controls? Also, it would make games like Red Alert 3 playable on PS3 if I could use the mouse & keyboard. Even if it was just an official version of this design.

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