Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Rest Of My Video Game Soundtrack Collection

Thanks so much for the great feedback for the Final Fantasy OST Collection
So here's the rest of my collection
Famicom 20th Anniversity Original Sound Tracks Vol 2 - Still Sealed so I've never listened to it
The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time Re-Arranged Album - It's a remix album so think zelda with electric drums and keyboards
The LocoRoco OST - The Most fun album I have ever listened to, this will always bring a smile to my face.
Nintedo Sound Histpry Series: Zelda The Music - A collection of different tracks from all the Zelda games, all in their original forms.
Silent Hill 2 - Best Video Game OST ever, always a pleasure to listen to.
Smashing...Live! - Got free with Nintendo Offical Magazine UK, it's well worth checking out, espicall the 12 minute piece that is a pure trip of nostaliga
Shadow Of The Collous OST - Just as epic as the game, very beauitful soundtrack
Famicom 20th Anniversity Arranged Soundtrack - Still Sealed, never listened to it.
Konami Famicom Super Medley - Sealed, never listened to.
Under Defeat OST - great rock OST and great to listen to while driving ^_^
SMT: Digital Devil Saga 2 OST - Nice soundtrack, I only reccommand if you are a fan of the series.
Street Fighter Tribute Album - Fantastic OST, Ken's theme alone is worth the price.
Metal Gear Solid 2 OST - First Game OST I ever bought, loved the music after seeing the E3 trailer
Metal Gear Solid 4 OST - Great OST if you liked the single disc version that came with the game then you must check this one out.
For the complete set of pics CLICK HERE to go to my Flickr page and see them all.

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