Thursday, June 16, 2016

Look What I Got In The Mail This Morning - A Final Fantasy OST Photo Blog

This I was awoken early this morning by my mother with a swift poke asking "What the hell they you order in that I needed to pay $12.20 to customs?
What indeed? I asked myself
Here's what was on my office desk.
The Final Fantasy 13 OST ^_^
So far I have only listened to a few tracks on Disc One and I like what I have heard so far.
Here's a photo montage of what the package is like.
Inner Box and Inlay card
The Inner Box Opened Further
Back Of The Inner Box
Close Up Of The Inlay Card
I have always been a great lover of game music, as anyone who has read this blog knows. But the Final Fantasy Series has always produced great soundtracks for there games, and I have started to collect them.
Here's what I have so far:
Real Emotion/1000 Words Single by Koda Kumi
Final Fantasy 12 "Symphonic Poem" 'Hope'
Final Fantasy 12 Limited Editon DVD Box
Final Fantasy 7 Piano Collection
Final Fantasy 10 Piano Collection
Final Fantasy 10 OST (4 Disc Edition)
Final Fantasy 9 OST (4 Disc Edition)
Final Fantasy 8 (4 Disc Edition)
Final Fantasy 7 OST (4 Disc Edition)
Final Fantasy 3 "CD+DVD Limitied Edition"
Final Fantasy X-2 Piano Collection
So that's pretty much all my Final Fantasy Soundtracks at the moment, I do plan to pick up more over the year and I will keep you posted as I get them.

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